LASVIT movie premiered in New York at the 10th Architecture & Design Film Festival

Published 1 Oct 2018

A short film Breakpoint designed by LASVIT will be screened during the 10th anniversary of Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York October 16 – 21.  The Czech/English mockumentary, directed by Kryštof Jankovec, depicts the career of LASVIT founder and president, Leon Jakimič.

Since childhood, Jakimič wanted to be the world’s number one tennis player. Then something shifted and things turned out differently – lucky for the world of glass, design and craftsmanship.


Breakpoint uses a poetic visual language to juxtapose the many contrasts of Leon’s life, following the central theme like a tennis ball flying from one side of the court to the other. The short film follows the story of LASVIT and the tradition of Bohemian glass which was reborn in the 21st century to inspire the world beyond Bohemia. Watch the trailer on this link.

“Glassmaking is a game where the ball is in the court of craft and art. Unlike a tennis match, it’s not a matter of winners and losers. It’s a shared journey, a joint quest to capture beauty through light and glass,” said Jakimič.

Breakpoint debuted on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:15PM in Cinépolis Chelsea, 260 West, 23rd Street. There were two additional screening at the festival. More about the movie and the festival can be found on the ADFF website.

Two weeks ahead of the main festival was Short Film Walk. LASVIT’s New York office on Wooster Street was joining this event. There was screening of LASVIT brand video and movie City Hyde Park, which introduces a new design approach to urban rental housing in Chicago.



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