Lighting Novelties 2020: cool down with Press Iced


This new finish is called “crackled” glass. Two opposite elements – fire and water – have to work together to create the eye-catching effect. The glass is twice heated and twice cooled down.

At first, there is a hot, hand-blown piece of glass. This piece is then rolled in the cold wet sawdust, then inserted into the furnace again and then right to the bucket of water. The contact of hot glass and water creates crackles all over the piece. Finally, the glass piece is heated up one last time. The water makes the glass crack and the heat then seals the cracks to make the piece whole again. 

Now you know, why “iced”, but why “pressed”? The glass tubes are pressed as though they have been pinched, and light sources are fitted into the narrow space seemingly without effort. Simple, yet original. The Press design is available in two types: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp.

Apart from the fact that the product is made of sustainable materials like glass and wood, we try to use our ingredients to their excess. Throughout the process, we use leftover sawdust from the creation of wooden forms. Find our more about the new Press Iced

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