Lighting Novelties 2020: touch the fire with Volcano


Near LASVIT glassworks in the Czechia borderland, you can see the panorama of the mountains which were long ago formed by volcanic activity. Designer Maxim Velčovský thought about the process which went into the creation of the glassmakers’ homeland, the shapes of the hot magma and the surface of the hills once the lava cooled down and hardened…

“I wanted to create a symbol of the volcano, a pyramid shaped by means of crumpling and deforming metal sheets, so that I might be able to create a specific surface structure which would diffract light. It is thus a little model volcano hailing from our volcanic lands which went extinct long ago,” says LASVIT’s creative director Maxim Velčovský.

When you think about volcanoes, they are the embodiment of the fire element in the whole universe, and what other material would better reflect this element than glass, which is born of fire as well?

This lighting plays counterpoint to Velčovský´s previous lighting collection – Frozen. While Frozen was inspired by ice and its myriad shapes, Volcano is inspired by the many forms of fire.

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