Meet Sushi — A Playful Interpretation of the Iconic Furniture Collection Made of Glass

Sushi is a new lighting sequel to the Campana Brothers' iconic Sushi furniture pieces, now reimagined into lighting.


Look above, it's a Sushi.




Sushi, a unique reinterpretation of the Campana Brothers' renowned furniture line, brings a fresh and playful perspective to lighting design. It seamlessly marries the creativity and craftsmanship that characterizes Lasvit's approach with the distinctive style of the Campana Brothers.


"It was very refreshing to work with Lasvit on this piece and explore new facets of a signature collection such as Sushi. It proved that a classic concept could transform into different expressions when applied to new materials," Humberto Campana expressed his delight in collaborating with Lasvit on the project.


From Furniture to Lighting


Originally, the Campana Brothers' used Sushi style for furniture making. Utilizing carpet or rubber offcuts, the designers fashioned a playful, circular design that became a trademark of the Sushi collection, be it couches or mirrors.



Lasvit, together with Humberto, and at the time, still Fernando, Campana, have reimagined this as an elegant glass lighting piece. "We managed to keep its playfulness while introducing luminosity to the work. It was rewarding to see our Sushi pieces literally under a new light," Humberto adds. 


Building on Success


The Sushi collection has therefore been elevated to a sophisticated feel with the transparency and organicity of glass. The irregular surface covers its concave shape and creates lighting suitable for low-ceiling interiors.



This collection is a continuation of the fruitful cooperation with the Campana Brothers. Together we also created the Candy collection, which now contains a whole family of products ranging from lighting to glasses.

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