Let’s Be Polarized. Magnetic Arrived to Monaco


The hotel’s visitors can see this installation in three spaces: the main lift lobby, and at two places in the Circulation Rotonde on the ground floor. The aesthetic of Magnetic, designed by the young and talented artist Libor Sošťák, thus constitutes a repeating leitmotif in the hotel’s overall look, and its vibrant and festive sensibility imbues the entire space with a unique atmosphere, sparkling above the heads of both patrons and staff, inviting all to experience a moment of repose and tasteful inspiration.


"The conception for Magnetic attempts at a very organic style of shaping and arranging the various glass components,” says designer Libor Sošťák.


"Each component is made by means of a different glass-working technique – there are some which are made from blown industrial glass, hand-cut crystal, glass shards, while others are traditional glass components. The work brings all these together to create an eclectic, but at the same time truly organic, aesthetic experience."


Sošťák’s Magnetic is in good company, as the Hôtel de Paris already houses a number of other LASVIT pieces – Štěpán Gudev’s installation adorns the luxurious wellness, while three light fixtures designed by the famous Arik Levy for his Crystal Rock collection illuminate the hotel’s Le Grill restaurant which overlooks some of the most beautiful urban and sea vistas which European tourism has to offer. Magnetic aims to bring some of that sparkle inside, right into the newly refurbished corridors of one of the world’s most famous hotels.