Monster Cabaret won design “Oscar” in Milan

Published 19 Apr 2018

LASVIT’s exhibition called Monster Cabaret outshined more than 1500 other venues in the city of design. LASVIT brought back home the prestigious Milano Design Award for the best interpretation of contemporary design and a future conceptual vision. 


The spirit of monstrosity filled the petite Teatro Gerolamo in the centre of Milan. Daring concept of glass Monsters is an outcome of a symphony of well-respected designers with the best bohemian artisans. “I am happy and honoured that the jury has chosen LASVIT among so many beautiful presentations. We wanted to show the exceptional Monster collection in a different, edgy, daring way. Being given this award just underlines our vision to be the most inspirational glassmaking company in the world,” said President and founder of LASVIT Leon Jakimič. 

LASVIT brought to the Milanese Teatro Gerolamo a show full of beasts, antiheroes, vicious genius minds, egos, outcasts, and fantastical creatures. Beside this premiering collection, visitors could admire LASVIT’s signature glass installations. At the stage of Teatro Gerolamo dominated the composition of 108 small Neverending Glory chandeliers, the admired and best selling collection of the company, and in the middle of the auditorium: The Independant, the First of Pendants Rising from the Floor.

The Independant is a billboard of its time, its crystal screens delivering the crystal-clear truth. What you are going to believe is up to you. It is an audiovisual labyrinth that features the most beautiful fake news that mankind has freely created and selected. It can bring the rain or the sun, it can flourish and it can burn. The most interesting monsters of our time can talk through its screens,“ says Velčovský.

Reflection of the monstrosity of our time

The pack of Monsters looked down at the Independant from the 3rd floor. In their tangible glass form, the Monsters had travelled from many corners of the world. Very renowned designers, such as Alessandro Mendini, the Campana Brothers, Yabu Pushelberg, Nendo, Fabio Novembre, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Bass, Moritz Waldemayer, Maurizio Galante or LASVIT’s own art-director Maxim Velčovský, gave us a peek into their minds and revealed their personal monsters to us.

And why to summon them into the cabaret? Cabarets have always been places where writers, artists, poets, and musicians met. They are a melting pot of all kinds of different ideas and philosophies, of both joy and satire. One would be hard-pressed to find a better stage to present the collection of these glass-yet-living creatures with such strong stories embedded within them.  The cherry on the top was beautiful ensemble of Prague Burlesque which decorated the exhibition with their monstrous show.

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