Cool Novelties Froze New York‘s Audience in Amazement


“Ice has always fascinated me. Waiting for the first freeze in Minnesota, when I was growing up, was a big event. I couldn’t wait to get out on the ice with my skates. Playing ice-hockey was a big part of my early life,” says the renowned American architect.

One of the earliest inspirations for this chandelier dates back to Bill’s expedition to Ellesmere Island, where he trekked over glaciers.

“It was in May, when the ice was just starting to melt. We chopped chunks of it out of glaciers for drinking water. A pail of freshly-hacked ice from a glacier had somewhat the same visual quality of cast glass,” says Pedersen, who presented this chandelier to the world this year at Milan Design Week.

American audience had to wait a bit for the opportunity to see this new designer piece, which is suitable both for private residences as well as hotels, but finally, in the second week of September, the Glacier was properly introduced in LASVIT’s showroom. It will be hanging there for a while now, so if you are around, follow the icy traces to Wooster Street.