Lasvit’s Cloud Installation Finds Its New Home in Bremen

Maxim Velčovský,Lasvit’s award-winning Art Director, unveiled his latest creation, a mesmerizing installation named "Cloud” at the 2023 Salone del Mobile in Milan. Incorporating optic fibers that pulsate with light, the piece shortly became one of the fair’s showstoppers, capturing the attention of its visitors and creating an engaging, interactive experience.

On Cloud Nine: A Fusion of Art and Technology Lighting up the World

To achieve captivating lighting effects, Lasvit’s lighting and R’n’D team came together. They proposed using six RGBW fiber optic projectors, controlled by DMX signal. These projectors emit a substantial light flux to the fiber optic bundles. In total, the installation incorporates over 4,500 individual optical fibers, each treated with specific surface treatment, totalling a length exceeding 22 kilometers!


For the immersive experience of color pulsation within the cloud volume, approximately 20 miniature RGBW reflectors, controlled by DMX signal, are strategically placed, diffusing light throughout the structure.

Enhancing the overall ambiance, four active speakers are employed for sound effects, creating a harmonious synergy with the lighting elements. All electrical components are meticulously supervised by a control system equipped with an industrial computer, ensuring seamless integration and performance.


The installation's uniqueness lies in the fact that it is hand-folded, rendering each cloud an absolute original once installed. Consequently, the clouds in Milan and Bremen (at the final client's location) are distinct, as the folding of the components on each cloud varied slightly, despite being executed by the same individuals.


As a metaphor for communication, the Cloud becomes a symbol of subtle innovation, exploring the interplay between art and technology. Velčovský's creation not only challenges traditional boundaries but serves as a testament to the evolving relationship between artistic expression, information dissemination, and our ever-changing sensory experiences.

Transforming Spaces: Zech Group Elevates Corporate Atmosphere with Iconic Cloud Design Installation

The allure of the Cloud installation during the 2023 Euroluce Milan Design Week did not go unnoticed by a discerning client, the installation resonated deeply with the attendee, sparking an immediate connection.

Enamoured by the Cloud's symbolism of communication and its multi-sensory features, the client decided to bring this transformative piece to the lobby of his Zech Group in Bremen. This serendipitous discovery at the design week marked the beginning of a journey where the Cloud, initially an artistic wonder, found a new purpose as a symbol of innovation and connectivity within the corporate realm.

Bořislavka Centrum

Prague, 2021

Lotte World Tower Diver Hall

Seoul, 2017