Discover the Nature of Glass from its roots


The glassmaking tradition runs in the veins of the people of Czechia’s northern borders, and all the ingredients essential for the craft have been present in the ancient landscape for eternity. Sand, water, wood and all the other resources needed for the glassmaking craft are still today scattered in the landscape around our glassworks. These ingredients make the matter, but the hands and hearts of the designers, mould-makers, glassmakers and cutters give it the spirit. The spirit of the borderlands and the unique imprint of its people can be found in each piece of our glass.

This time offers a great opportunity to show you around and go all the way to the roots of glassmaking for the whole story of who we are and what we do. So we decided to invite you to our home – the region of Northern Bohemia – where nature, people, and other unique forces come together to create breathtaking lighting installations in the name of beauty.

We planned out a visually stimulating virtual field trip which will take us to Herbarium – special crystal components that can tell your unique story in a memorable way – and other new design pieces that will fill your homes and projects with Bohemian character. All through the lens of the Nature of Glass, with front row access to our invaluable resources and facilities.

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