Prague was Floodlit by LASVIT’s installation featured at the Signal Festival

Published 1 Oct 2019

Prague hosted Signal Festival – the festival of light. This year’s topic was Revolution and the festival showcased the largest installation in its history. An installation by the respected architect Eva Jiřičná was exhibited and featured LASVIT’s glass sculpture Intergalactic.

Eva Jiřičná, together with LASVIT and AI Design Studio, created the lighting installation called “And What If It Was True” for the Signal Festival. It as a kind of meteorite that illuminated the central area of the Vojan orchards.

“No one knows where it came from and why. However, this cosmic body has an extremely beautiful shape and gives off a special atmospheric light,” says the Signal festival website about the installation.

One of the installation’s main components, the source of the strange, atmospheric light, was the ball of uranium glass pieces provided by LASVIT. The Intergalactic refers to the Ries Crater, which was formed some 14 million years ago by an asteroid impact. This sculpture is made of more than 1500 hand-blown bright green uranium glass elements.

Intergalactic was designed by Petra and Libor Sošťák and was introduced for the first time at the Milan Design Week in Palazzo Serbelloni in 2016. Since then, it has been shown at several exhibitions over the world, for example at Downtown Design Dubai or the opening of LASVIT’s New York Showroom.

The seventh edition of the Signal Festival presented 18 art installations by artists from the Czech Republic and abroad. Light and site-specific installations, along with video mapping, was displayed on three routes that lead through Malá Strana, the Old Town and Karlín.

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