Sleep & Eat – the Best Selection of Design Lingered in London


The spiral of hand-blown bubbles were swirling down copying the exact shape of the Fibonacci sequence, which is strongly related to the golden ratio.

“The installation is named Phi and is inspired by the golden ratio. You can find the Fibonacci sequence in the plan view of the installation,” says about the installation designer Petra Junová.

The installation was created in tight cooperation with Miaja Design Group, who designed also the concept guestroom. Phi tells also the story of pearl creation. The glass bubbles visually resembling pearls and the swirl ends just above the sink created out of a giant seashell.

The umbrella topic of the 2019 exhibition was “Social FlexAbility”, and Miaja’s guestroom was named Elevation – a world that exists between Dream and Reality.

About the Event

Sleep & Eat is Europe’s leading event dedicated to excellence in hospitality design and development. In 2019, Sleep & Eat will be held on 19th and 20th November at London’s Olympia.