Lighting Novelties 2020: look into the universe with Spacey

Published 1 Jun 2020

The first flower in the field of lighting novelties is called Spacey reflecting the night sky. Look into the telescope. What do you see? In the telescope’s eyelet the beauty of the universe is seemingly within your reach, but take your eye off the apparatus and… it disappears. The Spacey chandelier keeps the beauty of the universe inside your living room.

To create such visual appearance, designer Lukáš Novák made use of an old technique called “lithyalin.” This technique used to be popular in the 19th century. Pieces created by “lithyalin” look as if they were sculpted from gemstones. The lithyalin technique was “resurrected” by Novák in Nový Bor – the very same town, where it was invented more than 200 years ago.

 “A sphere is the most perfect shape in the universe. I wanted to create a lighting that will push the limits of the sphere a bit further,” says the designer Lukáš Novák.

Spacey has two variations – Eclipse and Supermoon – named after the most distinctive sphere in the constellation. Eclipse refers to the dark night accent in the dark sphere, while the Supermoon accents the light one.

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