The Theory of Light Revealed at Euroluce 2019


Are you ready to discover the beauty and power of light hidden within pristine glass? LASVIT presents sophisticated experiments which lead us ever closer to a simple truth.

Deluxe + Lux + Graffiti = DE-LUX-ITY

Everyone knows the basic facts about light and its color spectrum, but what if one wants to catch and preserve its color spectrum in glass? An experiment capturing the colour spectrum by different glassmaking techniques resulted in De-Lux-Ity. The designer, Wanda Valihrachová, used colour coding as well as surfaces and their colour features, finding original inspiration in street art.  The installation called De-Lux-Ity is kind of unparalleled, unrepeatable glass graffiti.

LIANA – Natural Design for Your Home

A swarm of fireflies can lighten up a meadow, the amazing jellyfish can shine even in the middle of a dark ocean, and special types of mushrooms often glow in the forest. Maxim Velčovský studied bio-lights and tried to “capture it” in a special metal net. The overall piece resembles a tropical vine, hence its name: Liana means ‘vine’ in the Czech tongue. Velčovský’s Liana can be optimized for any space. Liana – design for your home!

Leave “TRACES” of Emotions

Is it possible to express yourself through light? Can we transform our emotions into a ray of light? Do emotions possess color? Those were some of the questions which Katarína Fulínová, and Kateřina Handlová raised while conducting their experiment which charts the viewers’ emotions through light and color. By means of their sophisticated interactive artwork, they allow the viewer to become co-creator of a spectacular installation. Everyone can become a designer for a while and leave a lighting trace written in glass and light.