This Year´s BRIT Awards Are Made by LASVIT


The complex process of creation had started months ago, and ended with molten glass being poured into the form of Britannia, the female personification of Britain.

Sir David Adjaye swapped the traditional hourglass form for a figure with “unique” proportions. “For me, designing the award was an opportunity to question and explore – what is the nature of perfection and imperfection, what is the notion of beauty?” says Sir David Adjaye on the official website of the BRIT awards.

The bubbles inside the glass are a symbol for the questioning of perfection and imperfection. There is a little trick to make such bubbles: the glassmakers simply add a potato into the molten glass. The water in it quickly starts to react and creates the capsules in the molten glass. It is a traditional technique which has been used in glassworks for centuries.

“BRIT winners of the night will take home a truly stunning piece of work that’s totally unique to them, with each award carrying its own individual and distinctive imperfections,” Sir David Adjaye adds.

The annual music awards took place on Wednesday February 20, at the O2 arena in London.