Tour de France cyclists were riding hard for our crystal trophies


Source: ASO

Each year the technique of decoration is slightly different so that each winner might have at home a unique original which was made just for that given year. The classic shape is most reminiscent of two cones poised against one another. But cutting the decor in this way is a real challenge.

“This time around, I wanted to pay homage to tradition and history, but at the same time to design the project with the help of modern design techniques. I used something which I know from designing automobiles – I took a look at the 3D model and at the way its lines intersected, and I wanted to try it out on a real object in order to cut out a sort of net,” says Peter Olah, designer of SKODA Auto, about the inspiration which went into this year’s trophy.

Developing a trophy from the first sketch up until the final piece takes at least two months of work, and that’s when Peter Olah fine-tunes the cutting machine in collaboration with glassmaking technologists. A strictly geometrical décor is however especially demanding, and to successfully cut a trophy takes an experienced cutter three days of hard work. The creation process thus takes one to the craft’s cutting edge.

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