Who we are

We are 3D graphic artists and designers. Some of us are experienced, while others are quite new to the field. We work in Prague, Nový Bor and in our offices around the world. We are artists at heart, and we live the art of design, developing original compositions from Czech glass and striving to make an unforgettable impact.

How we work

We mostly make custom-made lighting installations. We come up with the main idea and concept, which is then visualized and detailed through the work of our 3D designers. Each new project makes us think and innovate. We always try to develop new solutions which impress the client and inspire everyone.

Why join our team

We’ll level with you – our work is demanding, we often have to make difficult deadlines across various time zones and face constant technical challenges. But it is worth it. Our work is admired by people around the world, and we bring beauty and joy to their doorstep. We want to be the designers who don’t follow the trends, but who create them. Our goal is to surprise, dazzle and, most importantly, inspire.

Our perspective

Senior Designer, Dubai

Kateřina Handlová

Thanks to Lasvit, I have the opportunity to work on interesting large-scale projects around the world, which is a challenge that motivates me. My work allows me to travel and constantly improve my professional skills and my proficiency in foreign languages. It forces me to not only follow the trends, but also to find new and fresh ideas for approaching design.

Creative 3D Designer, Prague

Martin Gallo

Each of Lasvit’s projects always brings with it a fresh challenge – both in the aesthetic as much as in the technical sense. And when the job is done, I find satisfaction not only in the breathtaking installations, but also in my own personal development and surpassing my former self.

Junior Designer, Prague

Ivana Zuskinová

I think of my colleagues even during my commute to work. I know that we will have another great day together, and look forward to seeing them again. We help and support each other, and I know that they will never leave me hanging.

Art Director, Prague

Maxim Velčovský

Throughout my entire life, I was always glad to be “where it’s at”– whether it was collaborating with living legends, developing projects or objects, having interesting meetings, exploring, experimenting, brainstorming. Whoever becomes a part of Lasvit is always right “where it’s at.”

Senior Designer, Nový Bor

Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are my life, and I am very glad that I can work with both of them as part of my profession.


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