Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Who we are

We are salespeople and marketing specialists – two different groups who share the same goal: to attract people’s attention, and to convince them to buy our products. When we are successful, the result is clearly visible. Our design lightings, grand installations and original glass works adorn spaces around the whole world – hotels and important institutions, concert halls, developer projects and private residences, shopping centers, design restaurants and yachts, and even cruise ships.

How we work

As salespeople, we have a great understanding not only of individual projects, but also of the technical issues and the glassmaking craft as a whole. We know how to get the client excited and are able to respond to specific requests. We are often traveling, and we prefer to meet our clients in the very space where the project is to be realized.


As specialists in marketing and PR, we know how to get the interest of designers, journalists and potential clients. We present our products in a fresh manner, and thus build awareness of the company, so that LASVIT might need no introduction when we speak to our new clients.

Why join our team

We do not sell things, but rather beauty. Our light installations often require complex technical solutions which are developed by a whole team of experts, are demanding of resources and meticulously designed. The whole process is very time consuming. Our clients’ expectations are always high. We travel all over the whole world to meet exceptional people in fascinating places.

Our perspective

Julia Baraniaková

What I find motivating and challenging at the same time is that no matter how long you have been with Lasvit, there is no chance of stereotype in our line of work. Every day, every project, every task is so very different. This is what helps me learn and develop further every step of the way, both as a person as well as in my professional path.

Michal Šupita

To me, working in Lasvit means to learn something new every day, to be a part of team of passionate people, to put several languages in practice on a daily basis, to grow. I am proud to contribute to the good reputation of Bohemian glass and to spread a positive image of the Czech Republic around the world.

Cat Wai

It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive the stunning design sketches prepared by our talented designers. Their designs are the best potion of “glass magic” and are often worth a thousand words.

Lenka Vítková

I work in Lasvit because of the joy I get to experience from each finished project and product, one that a person can be proud of, as well as because of the wonderful colleagues who make every day exciting.

Jana Naisarová

Lasvit lets you ride on a wave of imagination and create unique concepts. It also gives you the responsibility to research and to process what is needed to help these crazy ideas come to life.


Become a part of our team. Check out the currently available positions, and send us your CV if you are interested in joining us!