Who we are

We make sure that everything works – whether it is technology, shipping, finances or team cohesion, we are there. Our support teams ensure the company’s smooth operation in terms of IT, HR, logistics, building and offices upkeep, as well as accounting and controlling.

How we work

We work (doing presentations, trainings, accounting, programming, and everything in between) in our HQ in Nový Bor, Prague, or other LASVIT offices around the world. Since the company’s founding in 2007 we have grown from a mere three employees to more than four hundred! In other words, we are an international company with the fresh soul of a startup. This set-up forces us to constantly come up with new processes befitting a global company, while keeping LASVIT’s sense of humor and its creative flexibility.

Why join our team

We do not work in an office bubble. We support the whole process, from the drawing board all the way up until the final installation. We inspire each other, whether in the office or over a work lunch, as well as at company summits. We are helping to build a Czech design firm which is at the same time a world brand – and this is not just a privilege, but often comes only with hard work. But we love a challenge – that’s why we work at LASVIT.

Our perspective

Beryl Wan

One of my most memorable experiences was my visit to the Czech Republic to celebrate our company’s 10-years anniversary. In our glass factory, I saw how hand-blown glass is made. Our colleagues work very hard in front of a really hot furnace of more than 2,600 Fahrenheit. Thanks to this experience, I could understand their fine craftsmanship and I developed an even deeper appreciation for their work.

Zdeněk Baborák

In Lasvit, you don’t have to understand just glass itself, as there are many professions which provide support for the company’s operations. I appreciate the fact that Lasvit values its employees, and cultivates a smart and creative community.

Michaela Macharová

I feel inspired by being part of a company which is considered one of the best glass producers in the world. Working in Lasvit helps me live, dream, learn and create.

Čestmír Peltan

I’ve been working in Lasvit for years now, but my work has never become stereotypical, or boring. This is because the company keeps developing, and its needs for IT and infrastructure develop along with it, so I never stop learning new things.

Ballack Lam

We always say Lasvit is a family and that we are part of it. I have been working for Lasvit for more than 5 years. It gives me flexibility, trust, training and family-friendly employment.


Become a part of our team. Check out the currently available positions, and send us your CV if you are interested in joining us!