Who we are

We are project specialists, design and electrical design engineers, experts on glass as well as ‘research and development.’ We work on various assignments: from smaller installations for private residencies up to large-scale works in impressive spaces. We develop the design solutions for projects in various parts of the world: with various climactic conditions, in seismically active zones, and even on ships which prowl the high seas. We also implement kinetic and dynamically lighted installations, and some of our works are also reactive to motion and music.

How we work

We figure out how to take the design from the drawing board into the real world. We prepare the glass and the technical solutions for various types of installations and products. We perfectly understand all the characteristics of glass and the varied methods for its preparation. We use the most cutting-edge programs and 3D printers as part of our work. Our goal is often paradoxical: to develop a construction design which is so good that no-one can even see it.

Why join our team

We offer diverse projects, a fast-paced environment, little routine, and many new obstacles. We expand the boundaries of the possible. We enjoy experimentation, trying out new materials, techniques and their various combinations. We are not afraid of change and search for the solutions which will fascinate and surprise.

Our perspective

Marek Noháč

What I like most about Lasvit is the diversity of the work. Each project is original, and I need to approach it as such. I am also grateful that I am surrounded by a team of people who are also my friends. It’s great to have a job which is at the same time my hobby, and to be in contact with other people who think the same way.

Martina Gregorová

I like my work, even though it can get hectic at times. I enjoy the family atmosphere and the company culture. I like my colleagues, and some of them have become like a second family to me due to their human qualities.

Jiří Kukla

I enjoy the diversity of my work. No day is like the one before it, and each one brings with it a new challenge.

Petra Dicková

Even during the most intense of situations, we never lose the team spirit here. We all know that together we can achieve our aim much better than if we work alone. Whenever I need help with anything, I know that there is always someone I can turn to.

Karel Pěnička

Lasvit differs from other firms in that it approaches everyone as an individual, and gives him or her space to make use of their skills. Some people are creative, some are inspirational and some are ravenous for new processes and technologies. I like my work team, as it both inspires and shocks me into action.

Jitka Šťastná

Lasvit offers a creative environment and space for self-development. We cooperate like a real team in a field which is helping to keep the tradition of Czech glass, while shipping products all around the world.


Become a part of our team. Check out the currently available positions, and send us your CV if you are interested in joining us!