Glass Shape A Pendant

Clear / Glass Shape A

The Lollipop collection was designed by Boris Klimek, who has received numerous prizes for his work. His designs are conceptual, often telling stories through poetry, playfulness and fantasy. This design approach rings true for Lollipop, where each lighting object is a formless glass plate, toying with the colour and structure within. The collection offers pendant lighting in three shapes and five colours, and a table lamp also in five colors – the possibilities for redefining a room are expansive. Due to the playful nature of the lighting, each piece or cluster fits perfectly in a child’s bedroom, brightening up the space with joy and imagination. Lollipop also brings a splash of colour to open interiors to invite a little whimsy and fun.

Glass Shape A

All-round view

Drag the slider to control the speed and direction of the rotation. Or just lean back and enjoy the view.