The Concurrency

The Concurrency

Transparent glass symbolizes the absolute transparency of meetings that happen in the building at 133 Way Yip, Hong Kong. It permeates the entire building. Along with his MVRDV studio, Winy Maas used panes of glass to separate offices equipped with glass furniture and see-through computers. Completely transparent muzak is playing in glass elevators from transparent speakers.



Rays of light, flights of photons crossing the Earth at unimaginable velocities and inconceivable trajectories. Straight lines of aircrafts heading to Hong Kong from all over the world. Lines of fate of women and men who come here to do business together. From these intersections, these meeting points, light comes out. It’s these intersection points the Concurrency lighting object celebrates.

The story behind the light



Winy Maas and his MVRDV studio are the creators of the entire building concept. Along with all the interior equipment, the initial Concurrency lighting installation concept comes from their workshop. Lasvit designer Jana Růžičková collaborated on developing the idea and making it reality.



Lucidity was a key criterion when inventing the peculiar suspending system which, looked at from below, resembles a printed circuit. Technical solution thus became an element of design. We simply removed everything that wasn’t necessary. All we had left was beauty.



“Such a trifle, and such amount of work!” To embark on producing hand-blown glass which in the end looks like a regular fluorescent tube? But when design rules, who are we to stand in its way?



What is the best way to light individual glass tubes? How to make a single ray of light present for a few brief moments? We looked for the best ways toward light.


Mock up

“We have lamps hanging everywhere. It is a density of luminaries that come down to you, a fall of a ceiling… and the luminaries then start to make a whirl of light.” Winy Maas of MVRDV studio


Light in space

Absolute lucidity So that you can see The lines intersect “The Hong Kong building is an old warehouse, stripped completely to show the beauty of the concrete… and the rest is glass.” Winy Maas of MVRDV studio

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Winy Maas

We are moving into a transparent society where businesses are becoming more open to the public, and people care more about what goes on behind closed doors. Nothing hidden generates trust. But it is also an opportunity for the building to become a reminder of the industrial history of the neighborhood, a monument encased in glass.


Jana Růžičková

I have always liked the simplicity of minimalism and this style is reflected in my designs. Glass is a magical material and a great medium to work with – always challenging, but always bringing new experiences.