Light Upon Light

Light Upon Light

Believers come to a mosque to search for the light of God. Spiritual life has always been entangled with light, LASVIT made magnificent ornamental chandeliers that shine in the Al-Azizia mosque - just a walk away from the most sacred site in Islam.


Mirror of Light

The aesthetics of Islamic architecture are highly connected to light and its deeper meaning. Crystal chandeliers have the power to fill spaces with a soft and mysterious ambiance which further supports this spiritual approach to design. Mosques simply mirror light from floor to ceiling.


The Largest Pendant

To brighten up the space, LASVIT manufactured breathtakingly large and incredibly challenging chandeliers. “It is the largest pendant - and chandelier hanging from one point - that I have ever sketched up in my life,” says Petra Krausova about one of the designs.

The story behind the light


Light of the Heavens

„Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, The lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly star lit from the oil of a blessed olive tree.“ (Quran 24:35)



„Traditional geometric Arabic patterns were the main inspiration. That´s why 20-sided icosahedrons that can be joined together like modules are the signature elements of this design,“ says Petra Krausova, one of the most talented designers cooperating with LASVIT.


Thousands of Glass Bubbles

About 3 240 glass pieces were made and used just for the two chandeliers situated in the praying rooms. They consist of clear or sandblasted pieces of glass and of organic bubbles combined with glass buds and flowers.


Rain of Glass Pearls

Chandeliers in the central hall are bedecked not only with hand-blown glass components but also with pearl trimmings. Overall 32 580 pearls complete the delicate look of these lighting jewels.


Weight of Rolls Royce

Even though the golden skeleton parts are made of aluminium profiles, the chandelier under the main dome weighs 2950 kilograms. That is roughly like hanging up a Rolls Royce with passengers.


Jewels of the Light

Highly ornamental chandeliers from the Czech company illuminate the entrances, halls, and even the “musallah” - spaces destined for prayers. Light upon light shines on the sacred land for millions of Muslims.

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