The Sanctuary of Light

The Sanctuary of Light

The Morpheus Hotel, named after the God of Dreams, honors the legacy of greek mythology and symbolizes the evolution of Macao into a fantasy world where the impossible becomes reality. Step into Alain Ducasse’s restaurant and dine in the „gastronomic sanctuary“ with sunlight captured in Czech glass.


Shine of Michelin Stars

The restaurant pays tribute to the tradition of Chinese gardens. As soon as you walk in, you find yourself in the middle of a bamboo forest. The stylish Czech chandeliers are also installed in the kitchen, where the chef creates outstanding dishes. “Before cooking, there is nature,” says Alain Ducasse who holds 21 Michelin stars.

The story behind the light



We created bamboo stalks - typical Chinese plants symbolizing uprightness and strong perseverance to withstand harsh conditions - for the Morpheus hotel. The French interior designers Jouin & Manku teamed up with LASVIT to execute their idea with Bohemian perfection.



Overall 625 clusters of glass “bamboo stalks” surround the tables and provide a warm and delicate light. The pieces are a balanced combination of technical and hand-blown glass. Cold armor protecting the life inside.



Every third stalk is dimmable which makes it possible to change the light of more than two hundred tubes. Thanks to this feature, the mood in the room can be changed instantly.



The Morpheus Hotel is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The eye-catching high-rise exoskeleton building protrudes over Macao as the beating heart of the city.

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