The design concept acts like a living organism

The design concept acts like a living organism

LASVIT is introducing a new design concept for a glass kinetic sculpture called A:Live. It is designed for hospitality spaces, private residences and even luxury yachts, where different aesthetic styles can be achieved by changing the glass components. With its advanced kinetic effects, A:Live will elevate and beautify any space in which it is placed.

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A:Live compositions

“Life is never stagnant. On the contrary, it is in constant flux. Just as we are constantly moving and changing, so too does the A:Live installation. With a set of simple movements, it creates complex and seemingly living compositions,” says Stefan Mihailovič, member of LASVIT Design Team.


Story behind the light


A fresh perspective anywhere, anytime

Depending on the space in which A:Live is placed, various components and motors can be added. You can literally design your own kinetic lighting using spheres, rods and more. The same concept with new elements results in a completely different sculpture.


The design is inspired by movement

The movement of a crowd, a flock, or a swarm – each individual component is dependent on the one next to them. When the movement is initiated, the information is passed on with subtle delay, creating a kind of chain reaction. Something new emerges. Perhaps a new form of life.


Sublime space and hand-blown glass

The concept envisages fused glass containing different textures and surface treatments (e.g. colour gradients, gold paint, iridescent coating, etc.).


A myriad of variations

The modular concept of the A:Live sculpture has an almost infinite number of possible variations. A:Live consists of various modules. Each module contains three identical components, and the number of modules used depends on the size of the space.

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Stefan Mihailovič

"Being inspired by both the macro and micro forms of nature, my aim is to create work that emanates new dimensions, guiding viewers through immersive experiences and evoking strong emotions."