Dive to Atlantis

Dive to Atlantis

Watch life swarm on the coral reef without stepping into the water. In the lobby of the Atlantis hotel in Hainan floats the school of fish up and down in the rhythm of the music and occasionally dive into the pool in the reef to hide there.


Sea Motion

Beautifully arranged hand-blown glass elements with a static reef and dynamically moving fishes above. A daring combination of a static yet kinetic sculpture.


Perfect Illusion

The fishes have multiple colors and different surface textures. The coral reef is composed of completely different types of glass, which makes it authentic, even though it is not precise copy of nature.

The story behind the light


School of Fish

“I studied movements of schools of fish, different ways of schooling and shoaling,” says LASVIT designer Petra Krausova. “We chose the most harmonious and natural patterns and translated them into the movements of the glass elements of the sculpture.”


Controlled by Application

Glass components dance above the guests in three different choreographies. Each is arranged for specific music and supported by light effects that use a complex system of LED lights. All this is controlled from an application in a mobile device.

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Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.