Dance of Lights

Dance of Lights

From the top floors of the Ayana Midplaza Hotel, the view at Jakarta’s shining city center is at your fingertips. But the most sparkling object isn´t out there on the horizon but inside this luxury lifestyle hotel. From the top of the lobby, the crystal palm leaves are raining down in an elegant dance.


Crystal Palm

Thousands of glass pieces are beaded onto wires, one after another. Sounds like Sisyphean work but a look at the giant leaves forming a twelve-meter long lighting installation is definitely worth it.


Brighter Than Diamonds

Most of the pieces are technical glass, but you can find a few crystal pieces here and there. Czech crystal is known to shine brighter than a diamond which makes the leaves fill the lobby with magical light in a spectrum of colors.



The life-giving interplay between green nature and the boundless blue ocean and sky could not happen without the presence of pristine water, surrounding Jakarta like a pearl at the bottom of the sea. It was the water element which has originally inspired Táňa Dvořáková’s lighting pieces adorning the hotel's prefunction and ballroom area.



Táňa Dvořáková’s lighting sculpture is composed of thousands of cut-crystal beads composing ribbons which are then intertwined, as if carried by flowing water. With prismatic reflections playing off the facets, the piece resembles the ripples and currents of a singing stream.

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Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.


Věra Soukupová

The inspiration for mywork mainly comes from the boundless variation found in nature and all its phenomena. I also find new ideas in plant structures.