Birds in the tree-top

Birds in the tree-top

The Baiterek Tower in Astana is the shape of a tall poplar tree, and LASVIT populated this famous landmark of Kazakhstan with a whole flock of shining glass visitors. Crystal birds are soaring in the observatory, looking down upon the city which breathes with life a hundred meters below.


Inspired by a Legend

Once upon a time, there was a tree of life called Baiterek. The tree was so high, its crown was lost in the clouds. At the very top lived the Samruk, a magical bird who decided on who is worthy to ascend to Heaven. Legend has it that Samruk was a divine creature whose beauty was beyond all measure.

The story behind the light


Developing the design wasn’t easy

The first ideas were more technical – a completely different style from the actual outcome. We changed it from top to bottom to streamline the design, and the final draft was approved by the mayor of Astana himself.


Crystal Fabric

Our patented Twill is a sheet composed of thousands of full-lead crystal beads woven into a fabric-like texture ideal for tailor-made chandeliers. “Each bead is hand-cut and polished for added lustre and high light refraction,” says designer Táňa Dvořáková.


Heritage with a modern twist

“Our ancestors produced some of the most magnificent chandeliers for European aristocracy, as well as public buildings or theaters. We honor this legacy, but continue to find new and inventive ways of using cut crystal in contemporary design,” says LASVIT’s creative director, Maxim Velčovský


The Speed of Beauty

There were no mock-ups or changes. We completed the installation of the lighting in a mere ten days.


Where light meets the heavens

A hundred meters above the pavements of Astana, on the top of Baiterek tower, lives a mythical world. Magically beautiful birds are flying along the heavens, above them only sky.

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Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!

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Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.