Golden age

Golden age

The art-deco interiors of this luxury five-star hotel are the perfect place for the Lasvit installations displayed in its interiors. Harkening back to the golden age of Shanghai, the so-called Paris of the East, the hotel is the perfect place for a fusion of the new with the old, of the traditional with the cutting-edge.



The Plisse Collection designed by Maurizio Galante, one of the world’s best known haute couture designers, takes a unique spin with this large-scale installation. Inspiration by the primary fashion elements, softness and the typical movement of fabric are transformed here into glass.

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Ballroom Dropoff

Creating unique geometric shapes, from glass elements weighing more than 11 tons, Lasvit sculpture, designed by Luděk Hroch, is dominating the ballroom dropoff and lightens the day of everyone who enters this art-deco inspired space.



The glass meadow plays in the shades of violet and pink. It’s like to walking right into a child’s dream – a little girl’s fairy tale fantasy, as innocent as it gets.


Retail Promenade

Inspired by flowers, the retail promenade glass piece, designed by Věra Soukupová, embodies the art-deco style and combines it with her unique style

The story behind the light


Story behind the light

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Staircase Inspiration

“At first, I was thinking of a waterfall, the water's unrestrained strength, and the energy it has. Then I imagined how the water spills from the bucket, falls freely and then hits the ground, splashes and flows before it sinks into the soil,” describes Hroch the creative process.


Ballroom challenge

Lasvit's glass-blowers worked five months to cover the ceiling with more than 11 tons of glass. More than 1500 components in the shades of violet and pink stretches to a full 350 square meters.


Flowers on Promenade

The metal look was achieved by the special final finish. Each component has a unique, which was incredibly difficult to make in the glassworks only with the help of human hands and breath.


Purity and Decadence

Step into the Golden age, the elegant and sleek times of Art Deco in the glitziest city of China. Taste the glamour of the previous century under the lightings uniting purity with decadence.

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Věra Soukupová

The inspiration for mywork mainly comes from the boundless variation found in nature and all its phenomena. I also find new ideas in plant structures.


Maurizio Galante

…Is it possible to stretch a line between the standard, the popular, the duplicated and the unique? Can the basic live with the elaborate, the common with the rare? The everyday is not necessarily about repetition and routine: it can be magical!


Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are life, and I am delighted that I can combine both in my work.