Growing Vases

Growing Vases

Montferrier is located in the “Périgord Noir,” about 20 minutes from the UNESCO medieval city of Périgueux in France. The castle was built at the beginning of the 17th-century as the property of two Périgordine aristocratic families. It was designed with modern classical interiors weaved with touches of French and Chinese influences, highlighted by Lasvit’s contemporary chandeliers. This sensitivity has resulted in an ambiance that is as relevant and comfortable as it is elegant.

0004_Lasvit_Chateau Montferrier_Perigueux_00MKT005_Photo_2013_full_2048.jpg


This concept alludes to a whimsical glass forest filled with abstract flowers and branches. Metal pipes were used by glassblowers, still attached to the glass objects that they were used to make. By turning the pipes into flowers and branches and the glass into a vase, we literally turned convention on its head, making flowers blooming in vases into vases blooming from flowers to represent the flower bulbs that draw nutrients from plants through photosynthesis and store new life.

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