Beauty challenges history

Beauty challenges history

Historically, a wall was nearly always constructed to protect things inside and therefore its primary function was to separate people from one another. However, the LASVIT Crystal Wall is the first wall to unite people through the beauty of Czech Crystal, and the practical versatility of a unique architectural tool.  


LASVIT Art Walls

LASVIT Art Walls offer an abundance of styles that can be combined to create the best-fitting design for hotels, restaurants, private residences, modern yachts, office spaces, or simply any place that is ready for artsy vibes. All design concept are modular either in terms of size, pattern, color-scheme, or intended interior use as partitions, or decorative walls.

The story behind the light


Original set of crystal components

LASVIT Crystal Wall is an original building set of crystal components with a highly aesthetic set of predefined patterns. It represents a new and uniquely versatile installation which straddles the border between applied and original art.


A wall running through several floors

The LASVIT Crystal Wall components are fortified with either a highly polished steel and very strong internal rod structure, or are clad onto a supporting structure to create the same effect. It can be used, for example, as a wall running through several floors of a lobby in a hotel atrium or to decoratively divide or unite two smaller interior spaces.


Variety and different patterns

Approximately twenty different patterns can be assembled from several basic and corner components, ranging from purely geometrical structures to highly decorative patterns in oriental style. Color variety is a matter of choice, too – ranging from translucent to elegant plating in three different shades.

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Koncern Design Studio

We very much appreciate our collaboration with Lasvit, as there are not many companies in the Czech Republic at the moment who understand that design is, in certain fields, a major marketing tool, and that a progressive product is a firm’s biggest asset.