Rose Pearls

Rose Pearls

Abu Dhabi grew out of sand dunes, the neverending horizon of nothing. But don’t let the golden sand fool you: the desert is full of mysteries. Follow the sand-inspired wall deep into the lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel, and look above!


Beauty in a Grain of Sand...

There is beauty in this world, and natural beauty sometimes lies hidden in something as small as a grain of sand – the tiny piece of matter that can lead to the creation of dazzling glass as well as one of the most valuable gems on earth: the rose pearl.


...Gives Birth to a Natural Beauty

In the lighting installation for the lobby of Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi, LASVIT connected these two natural materials together and created a piece with an almost magical shine – rose pearls out of glass.

Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!


Libor Sošťák

Generally speaking, experimentation is the basis for all my work. I like to combine the idiosyncratic. I like to join history with the future. The goal is not just the product itself, but also the entire process which leads up to it.