In the "Swoop"

In the "Swoop"

Sometimes the most fascinating things happen without us noticing, like when a seagull swoops down to pick up its food from the water. Only some people manage to capture this in nature, but now you can watch it over and over again in the lobby of the Grand Plaza Mövenpick Media City in Dubai.


Capturing the Essence of the Place

The glass sculpture is inspired by the fast and focused flight of birds, and also by the hotel itself. The Mövenpick brand has a seagull in its logo and LASVIT managed to capture the essence of its flight over a sea shore into a glass sculpture. Hence its name Swoop.

The story behind the light


Design Story

The Swoop aims to express the mood of the dawn when a flock of birds flies up to the sky within the whirl of sand on the sea shore accompanied by sun ray reflections.


Color Spectrum

The colors of the installation match perfectly with the mood of Dubai – the desert covered in the blazing sun, the moment when the Sun rises on the horizon and climbs up to welcome a new day.



Hand-shaped components with hand-blown bubbles create the overall effect of the Swoop. The installation consists of 3 544 hand-made glass pieces overall.


Dynamic Light

To create a bigger "wow" effect, the installation is dynamically lit and the light travels through in several scenarios. The sculpture changes its look during the day and night, and therefore changes the mood of the place. Each moment of the day is different!



It took five months from the first sketch of the design to the installation of the last glass piece at the site. The installation weighs almost 4,5 tons. Our technicians spent six weeks in Dubai to put it together piece by piece.



A team of 100 people worked together to create this piece, which is the first dynamically illuminated sculpture in a hospitality project delivered to the UAE region by LASVIT.


Open up your mind. What do you see?

Thanks to LASVIT and the Grand Plaza Mövenpick Media City, you can feel like you are standing in the center of the flock and the wind is whiffling around your ears. Do you see the force of nature tamed through the beauty of glass?

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Great thanks

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Kateřina Handlová

I find beauty in precise craftsmanship, in perfect details, and in the glass-making  tradition. I am also inspired by Asian cultures, the world of haute couture, film, and science. I love glass for its unique character which brings with it numerous problems, but also a number of advantages and unique possibilities. But mostly I love it for its singular beauty, not present in any other material.