Hotel de Paris


The Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo is a luxurious five-star Palace located in Monaco. Opened in 1863, it has since been offering some of the world’s best dining and accommodation services. As of 2014, the hotel was undergoing a renovation aiming to realize François Blanc’s dream of “a hotel that surpasses everything that has been created until now.“ Lasvit’s installation Magnetic as a part of these renovations will complete the new fresh experience.


Suspended above the heads of the hotel’s patrons is a dazzling spectacle, a glistening canopy of glass components which bathe the ceiling and the hall below in shining brilliance. This installation can be seen in the main lift lobby, and at two places in the Circulation Rotonde on the ground floor. Each component is made by means of a different glass-working technique – blown industrial glass, hand-cut crystal, glass shards or traditional glass components.

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