Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel

The Wave

As a premier business location in the United Arab Emirates, Capital Gate is an impressive tower that provides exclusive office space as well as five-star hotel accommodation at Hyatt Capital Gate. The futuristic design of this tower represents Abu Dhabi’s recent technical and cultural evolution. Hyatt Capital Gate boasts a unique shape with sleek exterior styling. In an eff ort to honor the past and rejoice in the future, Lasvit furnished a one-of-a-kind glass art lighting fixture for the Capital Gate lobby.


The Wave installation reminds its observers of a long ocean wave which winds around the eclipse shape of the lighting. It is over 17 meters long, almost 5 meters wide, 9 meters high and compounded of more than 6,200 components. The eclipse is designed in three layers, embellished with hand-blown and hand-shaped pieces installed vertically. Most of them are made of clear glass and decorated with relief lines.

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