Two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl – you can find this symbol in Chinese mythology, in stories and books, and now also in its materialized, life-size form. Two giant dragons now live in the lobby of the Imperial Palace as the two biggest jewels we have ever seen.


The shining dragons…

Spanning over 60 meters and weighing 40 tons, this crystal, gem-studded sculpture featuring two flying dragons is the largest installation we have ever made.


.. are flying in colors.

In the beginning it was “just” a combination of stainless steel, gold and crystals. But eventually it came together in 2,5 million of crystals covering the titan gold scales on the dragon’s body. Each crystal is furthermore illuminated and can change color, so the dragon can be “dressed” in green or red almost instantly.

The story behind the light


Design story

While Bohemian crystal is born out of four elements – wind, fire, water and earth – a dragon embodies the symbiosis of these four elements and ties them together in one noble and magnificent creature. A dragon also symbolically embodies the characteristics of various animals.


Where glassmaking meets metalworking

“We approached the limits of what is both technically and physically possible. Master glassmakers and metalsmiths brought the know-how of hundreds of years of craft tradition, while their work was supported by a high-tech design process throughout,” says Leon Jakimič, LASVIT´s president and founder.


Millions of crystals

An astounding 13 thousand stainless steel scales fitted with crystals were made to cover the dragon’s body, and we used over 2,5 million crystals to decorate the scales.


Millions of colors

Provided with RGBW LED chips, the crystals function as a giant screen that follows the shape of the dragon’s body. The light can thus travel through the dragon from head to tail and change its colors in myriad ways.


In a seismically active region

The sculpture’s installation required full integration into the building’s design, including adherence to strict building protocols, as Saipan lies within an active seismic zone.


From A to Z

It took more than three years of work for almost all of LASVIT’s departments to make this project happen, and hundreds of employees from Czech Republic worked together to bring it to its successful finish.


Mystical creature of the past

The largest lighting installation we have ever made hangs like a great jewel in the lobby of the Imperial Palace. It is a breath-taking result of the work of master glassmakers, metalworkers, artisans, and designers. It is our homage to the respected crafts which have a long tradition in Czechia, and is also a symbol of our deep respect for Chinese history.

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Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.