A Palace of beauty and light

A Palace of beauty and light

A new wave of luxury has reached the coast of Bahrain. Reflections of dozens of Bohemian Crystal chandeliers fill the new Jumeirah Royal Saray resort, which overlooks a private beach in the northern coastal Seef district of Bahrain, with a positive rainbow of colours.


A Breeze of Arabian history…

The original inspiration came from Bahraini summerhouses and the traditional pearl-diving industry. These defined the look of the hotel’s exterior architecture as well as its interior design. Lasvit followed this theme and decorated the lobby, reception, entrance and pre-function area with dozens of chandeliers whose aesthetics were tailor-made for this special place.


…set the perfect storm for Bohemian crystal rain…

A shimmering ocean, pearls and a crystal sky inspired the glass installations throughout the resort. The raindrops made of crystal glass will accompany you through the lobby and lounge on 11 ring-shaped chandeliers and the shimmering glass components on the 15-meter-long installation will create a kaleidoscope of colors.


…and some light, beautiful glass drizzle.

As soon as you step into the hotel, you will be surrounded with glass beauty which will stay with you during your whole stay. Apart from the tailor-made installations, the hotel also showcases our design lightings Facet and Crystal Rock.

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