Shining Brighter: A Creative Alliance Lights Up Marrakech

Shining Brighter: A Creative Alliance Lights Up Marrakech

In the heart of Marrakech, surrounded by a dreamlike garden, lies La Mamounia. This legendary hotel has become a relaxing hideaway for some of the most influential people in modern history. If you could turn back time, you might encounter Winston Churchill or Alfred Hitchcock in the lobby. These halls, once visited by the greats, are now illuminated by Lasvit.


A Century of Elegance

To celebrate its centennial, La Mamounia has refreshed its look, collaborating with Lasvit and the French studio Jouin Manku to enhance these spaces with new lighting installations that capture the essence of Moroccan heritage and architecture.


The story behind the light


New Shining Coat

Traces of light are visible from the exterior of the complex. Inside, the lighting installations in the Tea Room and the lobby pay tribute to Berber culture. Another pieces add glamour to the Italian restaurant and Bar Majorelle. While the first one shines as a crystal centerpiece in the ambience of an Italian trattoria, the other bathes the oriental bar in the golden aura.


Lighting Piece of Jewelry for the Lobby

Jouin Manku's vision has materialized into a monumental installation that hangs majestically less than a meter above the lobby floor. This chandelier, with its intricate design, celebrates Moroccan arts, traditions, and, notably, Berber femininity, drawing inspiration from traditional Berber necklaces. Glass components, akin to beads on a vibrant red string, are each hand-blown in Lasvit’s Czech glassworks, showcasing the exquisite beauty of Czech crystal.


Homage to Moroccan Architecture in the Tea Room

A crystal chandelier in the Tea Room pays homage to traditional Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship. Its design mirrors the intricate patterns of Moroccan vaulting – known as muqarnas – composed of several types of glass and hundreds of crystal pieces.


Italian Inspiration in the Restaurant

The Italian restaurant offers the ambiance of a greenhouse with expansive glazed windows overlooking the lush hotel gardens. A Lasvit crystal installation, positioned above the open kitchen, becomes the centerpiece, infusing the space with a sense of lightness and timeless design.


Shining Tapestry in Bar Majorelle

Entering Bar Majorelle feels like stepping into a fusion of light and heritage. The distinctive wall light consists of hand-blown glass petals in gold and sage green hues, cleverly layered between a mirror and engraved glass, creating the effect of a luminous tapestry.


Spectrum of Light at the Bar

The Prism installation at the bar adds a modern twist. Triangular glass pieces, crafted to fracture light into a spectrum, are affixed directly to the bar, enhancing the visual experience of each beverage.

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