An oasis of calm in the middle of the Moroccan desert

An oasis of calm in the middle of the Moroccan desert

Have you ever wished to visit a mystical place where the Arabian art of living offers warm hospitality and luxury to create an experience of a lifetime? Welcome to the iconic La Mamounia Hotel, Marrakesh – one of the world’s most beautiful hotels, which now houses two of LASVIT’s bespoke masterpieces.


One palace. Two majestic glass jewels

LASVIT’s installations can be found bringing glamour to the Tea Room and the Italian restaurant, both located in the very heart of the hotel complex. The first one pays tribute to traditional Moroccan architecture and authentic local craftsmanship, whereas the second one transports you straight into the atmosphere of a vibrant Italian trattoria.


The story behind the light


A fruitful cooperation

Since La Mamounia approaches its 100th birthday, the palace has taken the bold decision to write a new chapter in its history by inspiring extraordinary emotions. For this purpose, The French interior designers Jouin Manku teamed up with LASVIT to execute their idea with Bohemian perfection.


A tribute to Moroccan traditions

A monumental crystal chandelier in the Tea Room pays homage to traditional Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship. Its shape reflects the symbolic form of Moroccan ornamented vaulting – the so-called muqarnas – inviting every guest to enjoy a moment of visual pleasure while having a cup of typical mint tea. It is composed of hundreds of glass pieces.


Cool vibes from Europe

The Italian restaurant provides the ambience of a greenhouse with large glazed windows that open up onto lush hotel gardens. Its interior resembles a typical Italian trattoria in a modern style. Placed right above the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, just like the star of the show, LASVIT’s crystal installation becomes a focal point for the whole interior, giving it a touch of airiness and timeless design.


Pushing the limits of lighting design

Both installations have an ingenious, world-class, internal lighting system. The Tea Room’s crystal chandelier in particular combines three separate lighting systems with several different types of glass, making it a very complex piece of work, while in the case of the Italian restaurant, the biggest challenge lay in finding suitable materials that would last forever, even in an environment devoted to food preparation.


Oasis amid the dunes

Surrounded by stunning gardens while located in the middle of the Moroccan desert, La Mamounia is a true oasis of refreshment and inspiration. Thanks to LASVIT’s installations, the palace now shines brighter than ever before.

Great thanks

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