Inspiring Lightness of Glass

Inspiring Lightness of Glass

We won´t ask you what brought you into one of the oldest shopping malls in Geneva, but once you step in, our lighting will stop you in your tracks. Romantic glass feathers gently flying in the air of the La Praille lobby have a magical ability - their beauty melts all troubles and sorrows away.


Falling Feathers

Flying feathers bring beauty and charisma to the impersonal nature characteristic for shopping malls. They let you swipe through your memories and fill your soul with warm feelings.

The story behind the light


Seemingly Incompatible Perspective

“I was inspired by feathers – their lightness and softness. I wanted to capture these characteristics in glass, which is tender and fragile as well as solid and heavy,” says designer Ludmila Žilková.


Lighter than Air

“I played with this juxtaposition. The composition of the installation is based on the movement of a handful of feathers thrown into air,” the designer adds.



Overall 263 pieces of hand-blown components are hanging under the skylight. Most of them shine in radiant clear, but red pieces of glass appear here and there.


Interaction with the Space

The client appreciates how the installation uplifts the originally dull space of the entrance lobby.


Rays of light through Feathers

When daylight shines through the skylight, rays of light play on the surface of glass components while the fluttering shine illuminates the space of the La Praille shopping mall.

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Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!


Ludmila Žilková

While creating, there is no space for NO.