Technology and design

Technology and design

LASVIT Liquidkristal combines technology and design to create a new architectural product, replacing the enormous monotony of typical large glass structures with rich, natural and diverse surfaces. Using fluid dynamics, Lovegrove Studio and LASVIT digitally explored the densification and large-scale distribution of patterns found in nature.  


LASVIT Art Walls

LASVIT Art Walls offer an aboundance of styles that can be combined to create the best-fitting design for hotels, restaurants, private residences, modern yachts, office spaces, or simply any place that is ready for artsy vibes. All design concept are modular either in terms of size, pattern, color-scheme, or intended interior use as partitions, or decorative walls.

The story behind the light


Aquatic optical effects

Liquidkristal is the result of an innovative process that its designer Ross Lovegrove defines as “high precision heat transfer”, which imbues the glass surface with the beauty of optical effects seen in water. Lovegrove worked with LASVIT for more than a year to create these dynamic, changing surfaces, inspired by the fluid, organic forms found in nature.


Long-term development

Working with Lovegrove, LASVIT's research facilities developed a special flexible mold system in order to capture this effect. The finished product is highly customizable, allowing large-scale pattern aggregations over multiple sheets.


Interior and exterior use

Liquidkristal serves as LASVIT's bridge to the world of architecture, useful as a crystal partition or screen, as well as insulated glass units for exterior facades. There are several uses of this new surface, ranging from pavilions in interior and exterior environments, such as partitions in public spaces or boutiques, walls, or large, spectacular full-length windows capable of transforming a building's architectural design.

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Ross Lovegrove

I’m inspired by the logic and beauty of nature and my designs possess a trinity between technology, material science and intelligent organic form, creating what many industrial leaders see as the new aesthetic expression for the 21st Century.