Arabian Nights Illumination: Lasvit Dazzles Mandarin Oriental's Riyadh Lobby

Arabian Nights Illumination: Lasvit Dazzles Mandarin Oriental's Riyadh Lobby

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - The Mandarin Oriental in Riyadh is enhancing its lobby with a bespoke lighting sculpture, fusing modern elegance with Saudi Arabia's glassmaking tradition. Inspired by traditional mosque stained glass windows and Arabian glass lanterns, this centerpiece harmonizes tradition and modernity.

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The story behind the light

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Precision in Design: An Impressive Sculptural Synthesis"

Standing at an impressive overall height of 24,7 meters with a diameter of 5,225 meters, the sculpture's dimensions make a bold statement, creating a monumental presence in the lobby. Comprising a total of 1,075 meticulously crafted glass pieces – hand blown sandblasted technical glass tubes with optical mold effects, the installation showcases a remarkable synthesis of artistic precision and engineering finesse.

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Illuminated Sculpture: Lighting Innovations & Dynamic Experiences

These glass pieces are equipped with their own light sources, each independently controllable. This innovative feature allows for the creation of a diverse array of scenes, enabling a dynamic and customizable lighting experience for visitors. Additionally, 500 pieces are fitted with integrated LED light sources, seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics to enhance the overall visual impact.

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Eternal Elegance: Mosque and Lantern Inspirations

Drawing inspiration from the intricate craftsmanship found in mosque windows, the design achieves a serene ambiance reminiscent of sacred spaces. The sculpture also draws from the timeless allure of glass lanterns that have illuminated Arabian nights for generations, infusing the piece with a classic yet contemporary aesthetic.

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Reminiscences of Souqs' Lively Atmosphere

The sculpture's composition ingeniously mirrors the vibrant atmosphere of traditional souqs, featuring an array of Arabic lanterns suspended in an artful display. Each lantern, with its unique design, contributes to a visually striking and cohesive unit, evoking the lively spirit of marketplaces.

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Lasvit's Restaurant Installation Complements Riyadh Lobby

At Riyadh's Mandarin Oriental, Lasvit's craftsmanship extends to the restaurant, showcasing another captivating installation. Hand-blown and fused glass unite to create a masterpiece that harmonizes with the monumental sculpture in the hotel lobby. The carefully curated color palette evokes the ambiance and aesthetic of an Arabic Mosque, enriching the dining space with a sense of timeless elegance and cultural resonance.

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