Table for two?

Table for two?

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta overlooks the iconic Welcome Monument and the city’s skyline. Renowned for its Indonesian hospitality and service, the five-star luxury hotel offers exemplary luxurious service and surroundings. A new addition to its award-winning restaurants and bar concepts is Li Feng, a fine Cantonese restaurant located on the second floor, offering a main dining area, as well as three elegant and distinctive private dining rooms.

004_Lasvit_Mandarin Oriental_Jakarta_15SG066_Photo_2016_full_4096.jpg

The Beacon

The installation is composed of oversize cut-crystal rods with a pattern highlighting the prismatic effect of fine cut crystal.

001_Lasvit_Mandarin Oriental_Jakarta_15SG066_Photo_2016_full_4096.jpg

The Chinese lanterns

The opal and amber Chinese Lanterns reference the simple shape of classic paper lanterns with an elegant vertical cut that provides intriguing glass reflections. Their warm glow, along with a black metal frame, are enhanced by LED retro light-bulbs. Thus a purely traditional shape acquired a contemporary feel, while keeping its natural warmth.

004_Lasvit_Mandarin Oriental_Jakarta_15SG066_Photo_2016_full_4096.jpg

Across the Sea

The main dining area features Across the Sea, a stunning 10-meter-long glass installation. Amber colored glass elements evoke stylized ancient junk sails with a sense of sunset. A black metal frame reflects the whole scene, creating a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere.

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Michaela Mertlová

The main sources for my playful, delicate and dreamy installations are nature, stories and genius loci. I experiment with various materials, and draw from the tradition of glass craft and modern technology.