A Vision of Light

A Vision of Light

Over 300 years have passed since 1716, when Boston Light first guided mariners safely to shore. Today, a new emblem of innovation and design, the Oculus, casts its glow within the expansive lobby of the Seaport Science Center. This centerpiece draws its inspiration from the storied past of Boston and the iconic lighthouse.


Lighthouse Within the House

Spanning more than nine meters in both height and width, the Oculus dominates the lobby's interior and casts a guiding light through the glass façade for those passing by. Reflecting the city's maritime legacy, the Oculus mirrors the function of a lighthouse, while its name evokes the eye-shaped beam of light reaching out to sea.


The story behind the light


Touch of Inspiration in Every Detail

"This dynamically lit glass feature takes inspiration from the lighthouse, a pivotal navigational aid for sailors. The ocean's glint is echoed in the glass craftsmanship, completed with organic bubbles," explains Stefan Mihailovic, the Lasvit in-house designer behind the installation.


Sensory Experience

Composed of fused glass, the installation consists of 468 glass rectangles. Each piece is set within independently illuminated frames, enabling the Oculus to shine with an ever-changing spectrum of colors and animations. Integration of delicate aesthetics with dynamic lighting was achieved through cutting-edge electrical engineering.


Navigating Light

As visitors walk into the spaces of BioMed Realty's offices and labs, they are accompanied by the Oculus's glow, a constant reminder of the city's vibrant pulse and Lasvit's commitment to bringing spaces to life through light.

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Stefan Mihailovič

"Being inspired by both the macro and micro forms of nature, my aim is to create work that emanates new dimensions, guiding viewers through immersive experiences and evoking strong emotions."