The One

The One

The One Park Gubei project is the most luxurious residential development in Shanghai. There are eight apartment blocks in the project. Lasvit provided lighting sculptures for each block’s Main and Underground Lobby, starting with blocks 6 and 7, with house showcase apartments with additional Lasvit sculptures. The development also includes villas, a clubhouse and access to a golf course.

001_Lasvit_One Park Gubei_Shanghai_13CN023_Photo_2014_full_2048.jpg


The Main Lobby installations at the One Gubei Park apartment blocks feature nearly three-meter tall lighting sculptures by Katarína Kudějová-Fulínová. Their four layers of hand-blown crystal tubes in amber and clear colors are gently draped, much like flounces on a skirt. Each tubular segment is hand-shaped to create subtle curves, further underlined by the flower-like overall design.

001_Lasvit_One Park Gubei_Shanghai_13CN023_Photo_2014_full_4096.jpg

Glass Maze

Designer Daniel Jaček created a fascinating installation for the underground Lobby spaces of the One Gubei Park buildings. The two-meter high sculpture consists of glass plates with an etched pattern, set in a mounting with a rosy-gold mirror finish. Viewed from below, the narrow glass sheets create a maze-like pattern.

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Katarína Kudějová Fulínová

I search for inspiration in nature and its morphology. My work has an abstract form which opens space for imagination, and functions as a window into our interior, into our subcounscious.


Daniel Jaček

I am interested specifically in the shape itself, shorn of anything which might obfuscate or fracture it. I search for the substantial in the pure, the basic geometric forms of ordinary objects.