New York in the palm of your hand

New York in the palm of your hand

On the 101st floor of the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere you can find the Peak Restaurant and Events space, whose dining room is illuminated by LASVIT’s lighting installations. Enjoy the best view New York has to offer.


Mirrored effect

The idea was about how the space becomes an elegant frame for guests to rest and enjoy the magnificent views of the city. The floor is dark, and contrasts with the soft mirror-polished metal ceiling in champagne hues that features a bespoke chandelier by LASVIT. The surfaces reflect the city skyline throughout the space.


Skyline after sunset

The chandelier is composed of tiny pendants made from triangular glass rods. These strictly angular pieces are reminiscent of the twinkling skyline after sunset. The same motif is used in LASVIT’s previous installation in the Hudson Yards Observation Deck.


30 Hudson Yards, the development’s tallest tower

The lighting installation is designed in collaboration with Rockwell Group. The 10,000-square-foot restaurant and bar Peak will sit on the 101st floor of 30 Hudson Yards, the development’s tallest tower. Not only does it connect to the 1,100-foot-high Edge sky deck below, but it also offers a chic design scheme and incredible 360-degree views on the surrounding cityscape.

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Jana Růžičková

I have always liked the simplicity of minimalism and this style is reflected in my designs. Glass is a magical material and a great medium to work with – always challenging, but always bringing new experiences.