Monumental Glass Installation Porta

Monumental Glass Installation Porta

The centerpiece of Lasvit's exhibition, situated at the historic Palazzo Isimbardi, was installation Porta designed by the brand's Art Director Maxim Velčovský


The Fluid Grace of Molten Glass

The Porta employs Lasvit’s unique expertise in artisanal glass facades as it showcases the various facets of fused glass. The innovative technique, where the essence of fused glass lies in letting go.


Story behind the Porta


Between Art, Engineering and Alchemy

The age-old technique allows a simple sheet of flat glass to be elevated to an elaborate masterpiece, with a surface that can be used as a playground for designers. For Porta, Maxim Velčovský worked with handprints, although anything can be used from rollers to paintbrushes, ceramic beads and rope to create patterns and motifs on the thick layers of a special sand-like heat-resistant powder.


Witness Glass Redefined

Crafted in Europe’s largest glass kiln, this monumental installation is a display of technical prowess and an illustration of the brand’s capabilities in terms of size and variability, whilst ensuring precision and creativity that meet the rigorous demands of architectural projects.


Lasvit’s Challenge

“We wanted to experiment with a new potential of glass for architects who work with structures and systems, because a certain transparency is needed, but also intimacy. We want to find the right partners to take this technology to the next step,” says Maxim Velčovský.

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Maxim Velčovský