Behind the Mirror

Behind the Mirror

A fantasy world can be just a step away, if you dare let your mind travel across the threshold. Follow the glass leaves blown inside the Bangkok residence and follow them right into the wonderland of “Alice” – the kinetic bloom which reflects all possibilities like a looking glass. Let’s go behind the mirror.


Alice in the Wonderland

Alice is a kinetic bloom, its traces to flowers equally fragile, original and unique. The sculpture evokes an experience underpinned by its name, a sense of Alice in Wonderland.


Dancing Leaves

It evokes a gust of wind, gradually spiraling upwards, created by entering the house and going upwards the staircase. The breathtaking sight of magically flying leaves from sycamore trees induces a feeling of dancing.

The story behind the light



The inspiration behind the Alice sculpture was a search for commonality in glass and nature. „We were trying to create unique forms. Effortlessly recreate a piece of nature,“ says designer Petra Krausová.


Soul of the House

Since ancient times, flowers symbolized peace and love, values as fragile as the flowers themselves and an undeniable property of glass. Alice shines into the residence with its fragile and gentle beauty.



No moulds were used during making the hand-blown glass pieces. Each piece is slightly different and looks organic. All pieces are cut and polished. The glassblower made closed blown bubble which was cut open at the end.

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Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.


Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are life, and I am delighted that I can combine both in my work.