Dancing Leaves

Dancing Leaves

Beirut is one of the New7Wonders Cities, that best represent the aspirations of a modern, urban world. Being one of the oldest cities on the planet, its streets carry both the wisdom of the past and the prospects of a budding future. The falling glass leaves, which hang above the residence’s dining room table, reference the passage of time, and whisper of a blooming future.

005_Lasvit_Mr. and Mrs. Shairs_Beirut_14GU198_Photo_2016_full_4096.jpg


Luděk Hroch’s installation in the residence’s dining room is inspired by traditional French aesthetic, as it is modeled on a Lasvit piece which hangs in The Peninsula Paris, but here transposed to a fresh new context.

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Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are life, and I am delighted that I can combine both in my work.