Golden Summer

Golden Summer

Golden Summer lighting installation gives the impression of late-afternoon rays shining at raised sand grains. There is space, light, reflections of the sea, nostalgia for afternoon heat. And then comes the calm.



How does one draw sunshine all the way inside the house? Well, perhaps by luring it in with the glitter of hand-blown glass, with colours of honey and gold, blending in layers. Locking it up in a shining cocoon, reflecting it from the ceiling and from the polished floor. And the sunshine is yours.

The story behind the light



Try and draw a light refreshing breeze.

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Meticulous and demanding alternation of crystal- and colour-glass layers. Unfolding to a long strip in which everything deforms, flattens, extends... And then long cooling, dividing, and cutting individual massive parts. Which then, partly owing to its mass, carry the light finely.

008_Lasvit_Private Residence_Surabaya_13SG027_Photo_2015_full_4096.jpg


Petra Krausová lovingly calls the key component a sushi roll. The truth is that these crystal-like, colourful scrolls are the basic identification signs of the entire lighting installation.


Light in space

Amber light, honey and sunshine, seaside cries, and the white of seagulls. The halting moment at the bordering line of two phases of day and of year. An afternoon turned into an evening. And summer slowly turning into autumn.

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Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.