A Glass Tribute to War Heroes

A Glass Tribute to War Heroes

Nestled within the historic walls of once the esteemed Old War Office and Winston Churchill's original workspace, our newest glass artwork, "Poppies," stands as a mesmerizing tribute to war heroes.

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Enlightening Historic Foundations

The Old War Office, situated near Buckingham Palace, stands as a testament to tales of bravery, fortitude, and resilience. The client envisioned a grand installation for the triple-height space facing the main courtyard and asked for a piece that would captivate both interior and exterior viewers.

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Story behind the Space

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Design Evolution: From White Petals to Vibrant Reds

While Petra Šošťáková, one of Lasvit’s seasoned designers, initially proposed an installation featuring elegant white glass petals, creative conversations with the client, the building's historical context, and the symbolism of the poppy flower shaped the project’s evolution into a vibrant palette of reds, blacks, and whites.

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Inspired by Remembrance Day

"I wanted to capture the essence of the natural poppy flowers, their swaying movement in the field, and the profound significance they hold," expresses the designer, who once lived in London and personally witnessed the importance of Remembrance Day.

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A Unique Installation Rooted in History

"We aimed to create a work that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere, one which would truly capture the essence of this remarkable building and its historical context," Petra elaborates.

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Craftsmanship Meets Lighting Artistry

Each of the 117 glass petals was meticulously handcrafted to mirror natural poppy formations. The installation offers a grand view of a poppy blossom both when viewed from below and from The OWO’s Grand Courtyard. Experience Lasvit's "Poppies" - a harmonious blend of history, art, and design

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