Lasvit Crystal Wall

Lasvit Crystal Wall

Lasvit Crystal Wall is an original building set of crystal components with predefined variety of patterns of highly aesthetic impact. It offers new possibilities using a combination of luxury and functional interior design. Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia used it as a non-imposing transparent division for their lobby, giving the seating spaces a sense of privacy.



Lasvit’s Crystal Wall takes its inspiration from the architecture of the Czechoslovakian 1960s and 1970s, but updates it for the refined tastes of the 21st century. The versatility of the glass clip-in system means that the Crystal Wall can be used both as paneling, decoration or partition, and can furthermore be silver-coated, colored or clear, depending on the requirements of the interior.

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Koncern Design Studio

We very much appreciate our collaboration with Lasvit, as there are not many companies in the Czech Republic at the moment who understand that design is, in certain fields, a major marketing tool, and that a progressive product is a firm’s biggest asset.